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You need a diagnosis first!

You need a diagnosis first! Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

“What is your diagnosis?”


You may be surprised to hear that the vast majority of chronic pain patients who walk through Barefoot Rehab’s doors have been to multiple providers but don’t know what is causing their pain.


At Barefoot Rehab, we’d be lying if we said we fixed 100% of the people who walked through our doors. If we can’t reduce your pain, we can always give you an accurate, complete diagnosis of what is causing your pain and suffering in the first place and what route to try next.


You would never let a surgeon cut you open unless you had a diagnosis of a tumor. You wouldn’t let a MD put you on insulin unless you had diabetes either.


Then, why are you guessing with your nagging musculoskeletal pain?


When you undergo a comprehensive musculoskeletal history, use functional ranges of motion and strength tests, feel muscles, understand load and capacity, and respect nature’s rules, getting out of pain is only a matter of time.


There’s an issue in your tissue (we bet you never heard of adhesion before!) and we’re ready to find and remove it for you.