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Advanced Pain Management For Northern New Jersey

Advanced Pain Management For Northern New Jersey Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

It’s not OK that patients don’t get the care they deserve


Would you like to get out of pain fast and permanently? Good. Stay a while.


The following are actual reasons by actual patients of Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic for finally seeking our care after becoming frustrated and hopeless riding the medical merry-go-round:

I saw multiple massage therapists, chiros, physical therapists, and orthos. Researched ART on the internet initially, in a fitness related thread by bodybuilders and powerlifters that were singing its praises, and then heard about Dr. Chris through the CrossFit community.

I asked my family for advice and went to multiple physical therapists with no improvement.

I took pain meds, asked friends, tried to work out, tried to lose weight. Nothing worked.

I saw a chiropractor, neurologist, massage therapist, and tried nutritional supplements and couldn’t find relief.

It was becoming more difficult and painful to workout at the intensity and frequency that I was used to.

Chronic, lingering pain without relief from self treatment or other professionals.

My wrist pain inhibited me from progressing in CrossFit.

I could not walk my dog without excruciating low back pain.

Frustration over no previous “medical” solutions.


At Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, we save you the headache of riding the medical merry-go-round and make your body pain-free quickly and permanently.


Have objections? Let us answer those concerns for you.

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DO NOT read further if you want traditional chiropractic or physical therapy … THIS is advanced pain management!


At Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic, we are advanced pain management experts.


We do 3 things differently than every other pain clinic out there.


1. We diagnose you.  (see an actual patient’s diagnosis blocks on the right).


We don’t use technology, machines, or gimmicks to relieve your pain. That would be focusing on the tool before focusing on your problem.  If you want a quick fix in a pill, we can’t help you.  We identify all of the individual blocks contributing to your pain and address them.


2. We specialize in finding and fixing adhesion, the most common pathology in the entire musculoskeletal system.


We use Active Release Techniques® and the Integrative Diagnosis® model of finding the glue between your muscles and removing it.  In fact, we’re the only full-body certified Integrative Diagnosis® clinic in New York City & Northern New Jersey.


3. We use the Test-Treat-Retest Methodology of treatment.


We get results in real-time.  Immediately.  Often after the very first treatment.  Barefoot is the naked truth.  There is no fluff.  We find the cause of your pain and make it go away.


We absolutely love to inspire hope where other healthcare practitioners have failed. This is the reason why we attract chronic pain patients, those who have been to multiple healthcare professionals without finding the path to success.


Not convinced yet?

Learn Who We Are