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The Adhesion Release Methods Apprenticeship

The Adhesion Release Methods Apprenticeship Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic


How to Become World-Class at Fixing Chronic Pain in 1 Year Or Less with the Adhesion Release Methods Apprenticeship (ARMA)


“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn


Do you want to master fixing chronic pain non-surgically?

And get paid really well to do it?


If “yes”, keep reading, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.


Simply, we are looking for someone who can help us change people’s lives:


Like Diana, who saw 30 specialists and spent $20k before finding us. 


Or Monica, who prayed to God to take her away until she found Barefoot Rehab.


Or Superbowl Champion Helmet Catch David Tyree, who needed an answer for his low back pain.


The goal of ARMA is simple: 


Equip you with the skillset to fix chronic musculoskeletal pain in 30-60 year olds non-surgically, market in a blue ocean, & command $60k months by yourself in a 1 year timeline


This is the only program in the world that teaches you how to reliably and consistently treat the most common cause of chronic pain in 30-60 year olds (adhesion) in such a short period of time and put your income on the fast track.  No more guessing. No more gambling. No more sleepless nights due to patients saying, “You didn’t help me.” 


“Success loves speed.”



Odds are, this apprenticeship is not right for you. But, if you happen to posses the skills and personality traits I’m looking for, this may very well be your dream opportunity. 




What if 95% of the patients you saw had pain:


  • Over 6 months
  • Saw at least 3 other docs or therapists 
  • And you had a success rate over 90% for these patients that had no where else to go? (See our over 115 video testimonials)


You sleep well at night knowing that you delivered the best possible care and giving yourself and your family the quality of life that you’ve always wanted and deserved?


Imagine working a 6 hour patient day, 5 days a week, treating patients for 15 minute visits, with 2 clinical assistants to get patient updates, take notes, do tests, and assist in patient movements, and seeing 85 patients per week …


… and taking home $21,000 for the month?


I don’t mind telling you that Barefoot Rehab grossed $65,000 – $85,000/month with me as a solo doctor.  (You, as the apprentice, will take home 33% of gross collections).


It hasn’t been easy for me. 


I got here by having a few heart-breaking failures that I intend to save you from (the lesson is in bold):


  • Focus matters: Closing our CrossFit gym in 2017 after my father dragged one of my business partners out of my office by the neck. I tried to grow 2 businesses without running either of them effectively and without leadership in place to run the one I wasn’t in charge of. 
  • Eat what you kill: Earning $25k during 2020, the year of Covid, after trying to keep my staff on board. I was overpaying staff who weren’t carrying their weight and I was killing myself keeping the clinic alive. Those same staff would later leave me high and dry. 
  • Disciplined self-care routine: Recovering from hypothyroid and a mold condition that caused severe lethargy and depression from 2020-2022. Exercise, meditation, diet, nature, and relationship cultivation matters immensely.
  • Leadership is the problem & the solution: Losing 6 staff I’d invested in for 4 years during the summer of 2023 due to my poor leadership. I stopped cultivating the leadership and team principles I’d learned over the prior 4 years and despite paying 1 of my doctors more than double anything I paid myself, he left.  


Heck, it’s still not easy being a solo doctor with 5-10 patients/month traveling to see us from out of state. I can’t handle all of the volume of people.


My hardship is your time machine to get to uber success, fast, to help me take care of these people suffering in chronic pain!


It’s possible, even probable, for you to get permanent pain relief results for your patients and get paid in the top 10% of our profession in as little as 1 year with the Adhesion Release Methods Apprenticeship.


Who is this for?


you’re an intelligent, extremely hard-working Top Performer with a heart of gold (you’ve won a championship or mastered a skillset/hobby quickly)

✅ you love soft tissue work.  

✅ you are a proactive, methodological problem solver who agonizes over details

✅ you have invested over $10k in yourself outside of school

✅ you have legal licensure to put your hands on people (chiro, PT, massage therapist, etc.)

✅ you are willing to have a beginner mindset

✅ you would like to own your own practice one day (NOTE: The right candidate will have sweat equity milestones built-in to the Apprenticehsip)


This is not for anyone who: 


❌ learns slowly and isn’t used to working hard and hustling

❌ Doesn’t have a license to perform manual therapy

❌ a task done fast is better than a task done well

❌ Isn’t obsessed with helping people in chronic pain get better

❌ Has a poverty mindset

❌ wants to adjust, use stim, or some other technique they’ve learned


If you’re still reading, you might be a Perfectionist or someone whose friends say that you struggle with work-life balance.  


I view these qualities as good when you learn how to harness that power inside of you. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be able to do this long-term.  But only you know if you’re ready and willing to work.  


The Associate we hired in 2019 when we didn’t have the refined Adhesion Release Methods system made $150k in 2022 treating 68 patients/week and he clocked in and out on average for a 6 hour work day.  You will work harder than he did and reap the benefits of the top 1% of the profession.


Other than that, I’ve been doing this for 13 years, and have built a practice that:


  • Helps people in pain over 6 months and seen at least 3 docs or therapists without relief
  • Has an 85% success rate with patients we accept
  • Charges $3600 for a case fee of 16 treatments (15 minutes long)
  • Trained 2 other doctors to deliver value and command those $3600 prices
  • Had our best year ever in 2022 at $1.2 million of gross revenue
  • Has over 100 patient testimonials on Youtube, Google, & Facebook


Now, it’s time for me to help other pain doctors & therapists build the same so we can fulfill our mission of helping 50 million people get out of chronic pain.  


If you’ve read this far, there must be something inside your heart and soul that knows you’re meant to do huge things.  I need someone who is ready to stop playing small and wants to be my partner. I’ve tried to make this opportunity something you can’t refuse and that also allows me (or us) to grow this exponentially over the next 30 years.  


If you’re interested, please email me your resume (including championships & evidence of being a top-performer) and a cover letter of why you’re the right choice as an Apprentice at drchris (at) barefootrehab (dot) com.


I can’t wait to meet you.


Much love and gratitude, 

Dr. Chris