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What is Adhesion?

What is Adhesion? Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

The Most Common Cause of Pain in the Body …


… is adhesion.


Adhesion (aka. fuzz, glue, scar tissue, or fascial adhesion) is not only the most common pathology, it is also the most undiagnosed and most reversible condition in the human body.  The unfortunate thing is that not many healthcare practitioners are talking about adhesion and most of the patients seen at Barefoot Rehab have been to multiple providers with no results.


Fortunately for you, all of the doctors at Barefoot Rehab are certified by Integrative Diagnosis in the diagnosis and treatment of adhesion.  As doctors in the pursuit of mastery that continue their training month after month, year after year, the doctors at Barefoot Rehab restore function and eliminate pain by providing better assessments and precise treatments to rid the body of adhesion.


If you’ve been to various providers, we imagine that no one ever told you about adhesion.  Maybe it’s time that you figured out if you do! It could save you lot of time, energy, and pain!  Fixing your adhesion matters because it improves flexibility, improves function, reduces pain, and restores normal movement to the body so you can enjoy the things you love!


The doctors at Barefoot Rehab are ready to find out if you have adhesion and get rid of it for you!

What Adhesion Looks Like



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How Adhesion Forms