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Treating Kristy Link – Owner of Brazen Athletics – Fairfield, NJ

Treating Kristy Link – Owner of Brazen Athletics – Fairfield, NJ Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

Biceps Tendonitis

Hi I’m Kristy Link from Brazen Athletics.  I’m co-owner here.  Today, Dr. Chris did some mobility treatments on me.


I still had a little bit less range of motion so he did some adjustments on there and it brought me to where I was with my good shoulder.


My good arm didn’t reach the same position as my bad arm did so it was a little tightness that I felt on the front of my shoulder.  So he did some adjustments both in the back, in the front, and in the armpit area.  Tested me again and I was able to bring my bad arm to the same range of motion to the good shoulder and I wasn’t able to feel any stress or tension in the front.

Kristy Link, I am the co-owner of Brazen Athletics.  We do hear lots of stories of members going to chiropractors and physical therapists.  They come back shaking their heads and its because whatever the doctors give them to do is not helping.  Just what certain doctors have said, all people need is some mobility work or Active Release Technique that Dr. Chris can do.


The bottom line is that he is a genuine person.  He is not just out here to make money and get patients.  He is not just going to take someone and say “Let me help you and do this.”  That’s what separates him from a lot of other doctors.


If you are experiencing pain from a CrossFit injury and have a trusted therapist or doctor who is taking care of you, we’re so happy for you.  You’re lucky to have found someone who you respect and speaks the truth.


If not, the doctors at Barefoot Rehab would love to chat on the phone and connect to see if your condition is a fit for our philosophy. Click the button below or call us today at 862-205-4847 to make an appointment for a 15-minute FREE consultation.