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Our goal is to make your body pain-free quickly by removing the primary pathology (this is key) causing your pain.  Unlike typical chiropractors, we produce results that last, often immediately after the first treatment. Those results carry over to your everyday life so that you are able to do what you love.  When you want to trust your doctor again, give Barefoot Rehab a call.

When You’re Tired of Opinions …

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Get answers.  We don’t use technology, machines, or gimmicks. If you want a quick fix in a magic pill, we can’t help you.  Temporary relief is a dime a dozen.  If you want a diagnosis and a systemized process that works, you’re in the right place.  We get results that last.  Isn’t it time to stop wasting time, energy, and money already?

What’s Missing?

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When you treat the actual problem instead of the symptoms, you get results.  Adhesion is the most common pathology in the musculoskeletal system and no one is talking about it.  You probably have never heard of it before. This is the reason why we attract chronic pain patients who have been to multiple healthcare professionals without finding the path to success.  We remove adhesion to get you out of pain fast and permanently.

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We Will Get You Out Of Pain Caused By Sports Injuries
running pain

Running Pain

If you’re a runner, you’ve likely been injured at some point.  Hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, and bunions are common issues for active runners.


Can’t lunge? That’s a problem.


We will get you out of pain and help you continue your active running lifestyle without those nagging injuries.  Our goal is to get you back on the road or trail and enjoying life!

crossfit pain

Crossfit Pain

As a CrossFit athlete, you push yourself every time you workout. When foamrolling and mobilizing isn’t helping any more, who do you turn to? How can someone as strong as you have pain?


How do you make sure you can CrossFit down the road?


We are CrossFit injury specialists. We will get you back in the box and working up a sweat hitting a new PR in no time!

golf pain

Golf Pain

Golfers know that you don’t have to bench press hundreds of pounds or run 26 miles to get an injury that can keep you from your favorite sport.


Golfer’s elbow and tight hips (causing low back pain) can be debilitating.  The good news is that we can treat the cause of your pain and get you back on the links in no time!  We deal with many cases of pain from golfing and our results are fast and proven successful.

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