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We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Knee in New Jersey

We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Knee in New Jersey Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic


After dealing with a pain in knee for over a month in a half, I decided it was finally time to get it checked out. I did not want to go to my general physician who would have told me to take 3 weeks off of training and rest. After hearing a lot of good things at CF Morristown about Dr. Chris I decided to make an appointment. In just two visits he identified the problem and was able to treat it immediately. My pain greatly decreased and I did not miss a day of training. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris to anyone. His treatment is extremely effective and he is very flexible about setting up an appointment.


Mark Purpura (age 34)
Tech. Service Manager
Floraham Park, NJ


As a late joiner to the New England 2010 – 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race, I was behind on the training schedule and decided to try to catch up to the others on my team by running a bit more than I should have a bit too soon. A few weeks into training and just over a month from the race, I developed a pain in my right knee that I had never experienced before a minute or two into my runs. Not wanting to let the team down, I reached out to Dr. Chris for his advice as I was starting to doubt whether or not I would actually be able to complete my part in the relay. Dr. Chris unselfishly spent a great deal of time with me working not just on my knee, but on issues above and below that he felt were contributors to the problem.


Together, we used my pain threshold levels when running after treatments to tract my progress and combined these treatments with active therapeutic exercises to strengthen my feet, legs, thighs, gluts and core. After just four treatments with Dr. Chris – my knee pain became a memory – and so did a successful Ragnar Relay Race thanks to his work. This year, I am training for my first marathon, New York City, and I am proud to say I have not had any issues with my knee since and so it is without any reservations that I would recommend Dr. Chris to others. Thank you Dr. Chris!


Julie Scarano (age 31)
Denville, NJ


What were your health problems before visiting us?
I have been suffering from knee pain since the last of my 3 knee operations about 10 years ago.  I have been very active all of my life.  I was an avid skier, until I blew out my knee in Utah and since my surgeries, I continue to train in Karate, Crossfit, Bike & Surf.  I have always had knee swelling and pain along with hamstring and calf tightness.   To be honest, I couldn’t touch my toes and my flexibility was minimal at best.


How long did you have this condition?
I have never been super flexible but since my 3 knee operations, the condition worsened.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I have used physical therapy, massage therapy, resistance weight training, chiropractic and even acupuncture.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
That this would really work and not live up to the usual hype.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
It has been truly amazing….Dr. Stepien has worked with me extensively on my specific areas and the results have been tremendous.  My flexibility has improved 100fold and I am now able to touch my toes, rather easily.    I can not thank Dr. Stepien enough and for the first time in 10 years I have been relatively pain free.  Thanks.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Yes and I have already recommended 2 friends and they have sought treatment and have nothing but good things to say as well.


Victor Donato (age 43)
Certified Financial Planner
Morristown, NJ

If you’re still reading this and you have pain in the knee, what are you waiting for?


If you have pain in the knee in New Jersey and you have a trusted therapist or doctor to take care of you, we’re so happy for you.  You’re lucky to have found someone who you respect and speaks the truth.


If not, the doctors at Barefoot Rehab would love to chat on the phone and connect to see if your condition is a fit for our philosophy. Click the button below or call us today at 862-205-4847 to make an appointment for a 15-minute FREE consultation.