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We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Neck in New Jersey

We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Neck in New Jersey Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic


So here I am with a herniated disc in my neck, significant pain and limited mobility, not knowing where to turn to ensure I not only expeditemy recovery, but do it in a way that provides my body the best chance at a 100% return to function. I have always been reticent to visit a chiropractor. Fear of the unknown I guess. Anyway, Chris not only alleviated my fears, his technique and attention to the details of how ones body functions was just what was needed to heal and get back to the pain free way things should be. Chris’s stretching technique’s and keen understanding of mobility helped shape a treatment program for my injury that I felt worked terrific for me and got me back swiftly and safely. In all I couldn’t have been happier that it was recommended I consult with Chris and that I was able to leverage his services.


Jason A. (age 45)
Basking Ridge, NJ


I will admit right upfront, I have NEVER believed in the practice of Chiropractic. I have always been skeptical, probably because of my ignorance, but the thought of someone “adjusting” my spine made me nervous and uncomfortable.


Chris and his practice of Active Release Techniques (ART) has completely shattered all of the misconceptions, myths and concerns I harbored.


I started to see Chris because my lower back was in pain and I was unsure why. Chris listened intently and immediately homed in on the root cause of my problem, my lack of hip flexibility and muscle tightness in hamstrings and calves. Chris treated my problem with ART and I was amazed at how quickly my body responded. What I really appreciated was the constant communication which allowed Chris to focus on those areas that needed the most attention while also allowing for modifications as the treatment progressed. I have since seen Chris on various occasions, including pulled hamstring, upper neck problems as well as the follow up related to my initial lower back issues. Chris’ application of ART has allowed me to become more flexible which has resulted in my feeling better as an athlete.


I cannot speak highly enough of Chris, as a doctor and as a person. He listens and does not prejudge a condition. He treats and allows the patient to dictate the focus. He follows up, always emphasizing prevention and maintenance. I would and have recommended Chris to any and all that would listen!


Bill C. (age 52)
Basking Ridge, NJ

neck-pain-wayne-njI enjoy weight lifting to keep myself fit.  I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain since injuring my shoulder weight lifting and playing high school football several decades ago.   For the past few years, I experienced re-occurring pain in my injured shoulder which had been diagnosed as tendonitis and tendonosis of the rotator cuff.   Doctor Chris examined me and found that I had a great deal of old scar tissue in my shoulder area that greatly decreased the flexibility of my shoulder when performing physical activities.  This decreased flexibility caused my neck to bear a disproportionate share of  weight lifting strain which caused chronic neck pain. Doctor Chris helped me by massaging out the old scar tissue, improving my posture, and providing me with rehabilitation stretching exercises.   The results he achieved in restoring the proper functionality of my shoulder are absolutely amazing.  I have returned to my full weight lifting activities after only three weeks of treatment!


For the first time in almost 30 years, I feel no tightness or pain in my neck and shoulder.   Doctor Chris was able to quickly diagnosis and effectively treat my injury.  Prior treatment from orthopedic surgeons took several months and only provided temporary relief.  The treatment provided by Doctor Chris eliminated the root cause of the problem which will prevent future injury in the affected area.”


Frank C. (age 48)
Wayne, NJ

If you’re still reading this and you have pain in the neck, what are you waiting for?


If you have pain in the neck in New Jersey and you have a trusted therapist or doctor to take care of you, we’re so happy for you.  You’re lucky to have found someone who you respect and speaks the truth.


If not, the doctors at Barefoot Rehab would love to chat on the phone and connect to see if your condition is a fit for our philosophy. Click the button below or call us today at 862-205-4847 to make an appointment for a 15-minute FREE consultation.