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We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Shoulder in New Jersey

We Provide Fast Relief from Pain In Shoulder in New Jersey Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic


When I first came to see Dr. Chris, I had pain and stiffness in my shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm overhead. It was extremely frustrating.


After a of couple treatments with Dr. Chris, my range of motion improved. After a few more treatments I could finally lift my arm overhead and the nagging pain went away. These results continued even after I stopped receiving treatments.


I strongly recommend Dr. Chris for anyone experiencing nagging pain, stiffness, or limited range of motion.


Jeff G. (age 35)
Pharmaceutical sales
Morristown, NJ



When I was in so much pain that I couldn’t lift my arm, I knew I needed to find a doctor. Being of a more natural mindset, I didn’t want just any doctor. I wanted one that understood how the body works, how diet and nutrition are related to pain and how to heal someone without going straight to an x-ray, MRI or surgery.


The name “Barefoot Rehabilitation” had me hopeful that I might find what I was looking for. Speaking with Leann the first time I called had my hope grow as she shared her experience dealing with bad shoulder pain and vouching for Dr. Chris’ ability to heal. Then came my first visit. I normally am nervous and apprehensive about doctors since many tell you there is nothing they can do without surgery. His warm, comforting and welcoming nature calmed me. His listening and asking questions as he identified some potential areas to treat showed his extensive knowledge of the body and how it moves.


Since then I have gone from not being able to hold open a door and pain every minute of the day to returning to full range of motion with my arm. I also went from weekly lower back pain to no daily pain at all. I am able to tolerate more and am more cognizant of my limits to avoid injury. I have Dr. Chris to thank for that and would recommend him to anyone I know! There is little to lose if you are already in pain and so much more to gain through natural treatment to get you to live a pain free life.


Heather K (age 32)
Owner, Fast Signs
Fairfield, NJ


I started gymnastics 4 years ago when I was 28. Most gymnasts have long retired by that age due to the enormous amount of strain that it places on the body. It’s an incredible sport and I love the challenge. But every few months I’d get pain in my right shoulder and have to ramp down activity or even stop entirely.


A mutual friend introduced me to Chris and I began treatment immediately. He treated me with care and respect, while educating me in the process. Most importantly, the pain is gone and I can’t get it back. I’ve done every possible movement and motion to actually reproduce the pain… and I can’t. Case closed.


Go see Dr. Chris because it’s worth it.


David Hurwitz (age 29)
Mental Fitness – Peak Performance – Hypnosis
Westfield, NJ

If you’re still reading this and you have pain in the shoulder, what are you waiting for?


If you have pain in the shoulder in New Jersey and you have a trusted therapist or doctor to take care of you, we’re so happy for you.  You’re lucky to have found someone who you respect and speaks the truth.


If not, the doctors at Barefoot Rehab would love to chat on the phone and connect to see if your condition is a fit for our philosophy. Click the button below or call us today at 862-205-4847 to make an appointment for a 15-minute FREE consultation.