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Our Patients Get Fast Relief From Pain Part 2

Our Patients Get Fast Relief From Pain Part 2 Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic




Pain Free Patients

Many healthcare practitioners measure their success and self-worth by the car they drive or the number of patients they see (helped or not).


Barefoot Rehab wants to do things right. That means getting results (and making you smile).


Our chosen metric for success, self-worth, and happiness is this page: how many people’s lives we’ve improved. Read on. We’re very proud of what you will see.




Aloha Dr. Chris


Thank you so much for everything you have done. I have been through 3 different PT, two doctor visits, along with 3 different massage therapist, and one acupuncture trying to resolve my sciatic and hip issues. If you know me you know I love to run and do crossfit, and listening to someone say I need to stop running for 4 weeks or more just kills me on the inside. If you are runner you know what I mean. After seeing Dr. Chris not only did you find the problem but after three visits I can run with out any issues in my knee and my hip and sciatic is by far getting better. Dr. Chris come back please. I still need you. I recommend Dr. Chris , if you have seen more then 1 PT already that is a sign to try Dr. Chris.. He is the bomb…. Mahalo Dr. Chris…


Lisa Ledesma
Wailua, Kaua’i
Private Mortgage Banker






Chris was recommended to me by a friend who works out at Crossfit in Montclair. I have had lower back problems since my early twenties. In the spring I signed up for my first ever triathlon following a winter of too much snow shoveling and a couple of bad back spasms. I figured I better get some help for my cranky back.


I have been to chiropractors before and the treatment is basically the same: Heat, stimulation and adjustment. I was told Chris was not your traditional chiropractor and that became apparent immediately.


I am an engineer and have been taught to focus on root cause when problem-solving. (Some folks refer to the “Five Whys”: Ask why five times and eventually you will get to the real cause of the problem.) Chris took the same approach to finding the root cause of my lower back problem. Using Active Release Techniques (ART) Chris focused in on the tendons and ligaments of my spine. First he measured my mobility to establish a baseline then using ART was able to quickly establish the efficacy of the treatment. It was amazing how my range of motion and level of pain improved during the sessions.


I heartily recommend Chris to anyone who has muscular-skeletal problems – especially those who have not responded well to more traditional therapies.


Tom McLoughlin
Montclair, NJ

tom mcloughlin



I’ve been part of the CrossFit community for over 2 years thanks to Coach Karianne. It had been well over a year that the strenuous workouts were killing my already sensitive back –more than likely from bad form and poor stretching- during WOD’s. However, the passion that I have for the sport didn’t stop me from training even with the back pain and sore hamstrings. I completed my WOD’s with soreness and tenderness until one day while stretching after a WOD I pulled a muscle in my hamstring. Thinking I could work through it I returned 2 days later for another challenging WOD only to be limited by the pain and range of motion. As much as I didn’t want to-I had to stop working out and find medical attention. The relief I found at the time was so temporary that I thought the pain would be a permanent part of my life so figured I would just self medicate with Aleve, heating pads, icy hot patches and Biofreeze or similar products. Clearly all were temporary forms of relief and the odor of the Biofreeze was bothering my kids and my husband didn’t find it sexy!


I’d heard about Dr. Chris at a CrossFit workshop and it was only a matter of time before I would be convinced that he would make a difference in my life. After all what could he do different, and what is this Active Release Therapy (ART) that he promotes. Could Dr. Chris really make a difference in my life?  After some reluctance (and it was only because I didn’t think another Chiropractor could bring me relief) I scheduled  my first appointment. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. His training and experience in ART was exceptional. Dr. Chris brought me immediate relief that lasted well over the usual one day that I was accustomed to. I recall looking forward to the therapy-painful but absolutely worth it. After a few sessions I could see and feel the difference. I gained my full range of motion with no soreness and I learned simple techniques to apply before and after a WOD and of course throughout my day to day life.  Not only is Dr. Chris knowledgeable, he is kind, patient and willing to offer his thoughts and experiences both as a chiropractor and as a CrossFitter.


Thank you Dr. Chris for making a difference in my life! Your commitment and attention to my concerns is so very much appreciated. Would I recommend you to others? Hell yes and I have-you’re amazing!


Maria Vicente
Medical Practice Administrator
Basking Ridge, NJ

maria vicente



What were your health problems before visiting us?
Loss of range of motion and weakness after being in a walking boot for six weeks for multiple stress fractures.


How long did you have this condition?
A few weeks


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
None. I had done physical therapy for 2 1/2 years in the past for a prior injury and had lost faith in the practice when it had resulted in surgery and the possibility of not being able to run again.


What makes us different?
Dr. Chris really listened to me and helped me figure out what was really going on in my foot and leg. I had tried to regain strength by myself but I was afraid of reinjuring my foot. I wasn’t sure if what I’d felt was normal and would heal with time or if time was slowly becoming the enemy. Dr. Chris really helped me overcome.


How has your health and performance changed since visiting us?
After the first visit, I had regained enough range of motion to swim again comfortably. After the third, I was running again and when I was done, I felt great and confident in all my activities.


Will you recommend our care to others?
I started to after the first visit. I am beyond grateful to have found him.


Amy Bourke
Swim Coach
Towson, MD



What were your health problems before visiting us?
Neck pain and acute arm/shoulder pain.


How long did you have this condition?
One month.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I had undergone traditional chiropractic adjustments that didn’t see results.


What makes us different?
Dr. Chris not only treats the problem, but the entire person.  He is thoughtful and caring, and hopes to not only fix the area of pain, but to better your entire health/strength, etc.


How has your health and performance changed since visiting us?
After only a few visits, I have no pain in the affected area and have the knowledge from Dr. Chris with strength exercises to alleviate any future pain.  I have regained my quality of life again.


Will you recommend our care to others?
I have already told as many people as I can about Dr. Chris and how much he has helped me!


Jennifer S.
Bernards Township



After dealing with a pain in my knee for over a month in a half, I decided it was finally time to get it checked out. I did not want to go to my general physician who would have told me to take 3 weeks off of training and rest. After hearing a lot of good things at CF Morristown about Dr. Chris I decided to make an appointment. In just two visits he identified the problem and was able to treat it immediately. My pain greatly decreased and I did not miss a day of training. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris to anyone. His treatment is extremely effective and he is very flexible about setting up an appointment.


Mark Purpura
Tech. Service Manager
Floraham Park, NJ

mark purpura



What were your health problems before visiting us?
I had fractured my vertebrae playing lacrosse and was not able to do any physical activity for 5 months.


How long did you have this condition?
5 months.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I have been to other chiropractors in the past but was not receiving any special treatment for my fracture until I had clearance from the bone doctor.


How has your health and performance changed since visiting us?
When I started playing sports again, my back would get sore quickly.  After working with Chris, my back is no longer sore. I have much better range of motion and I have better flexibility than I have ever had.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Yes, definitely.  Chris is the best chiropractor I have ever worked with.


Connor O’Leary
High School Lacrosse Player
Mountain Lakes, NJ

connor lax



What were your health problems before visiting us?
As an endurance athlete my health concerns surround the impact on my body resulting from long hours of training in sports such as triathlon. Additionally, I suffer from reduced shoulder flexibility as well as occasional neck concerns from years of computer desk work.


What types of treatment did you receive prior to visiting us?
Chiropractic care, active release technique and massage.


How has your health and performance changed since visiting us?
After receiving regular care from other providers for the past 4 years, I was pleasantly surprised that after only a few sessions with Dr. Chris I felt marked improvements in mobility and flexibility.


What makes us different?
Dr. Chris is patient, listens well and effectively probes for real time feedback during a session in order to maximize the effects of his treatments.  He doesn’t rush through sessions and it is always apparent that Dr. Chris is highly focused on achieving quick and accurate results.  For me, he is not only working to correct acute issues, but is genuinely interested in making me a healthier person and a stronger athlete.  His clinical approach is fresh, modern, innovative and effective.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Yes. I have already recommended Dr. Chris to several people and will continue to do so.


Andy Harrison
Warren, NJ

Andy Harrison



“I believe that Chris Stepien is the best doctor who has ever treated me.  Chris is a great listener, demonstrates genuine concern for his patients and is knowledgeable of his craft.  After 5 months of sciatica pain and ineffective physical therapy and chiropractic appointments, Chris was able to effectively diagnosis and treat my health issue almost immediately.  Chris is clearly motivated to help his patients achieve a healthy lifestyle.  His honest and genuine approach is appreciated by me and my friend who eagerly referred me to his office.  It was the best medical referral I have ever received.”


Greg Quirolo, age 38
School Counselor
Hastings, NY



“I am an avid Crossfitter who doesn’t always understand how to listen to my body and slow down.  About 8 months ago I began experiencing chronic shoulder pain, limited range of motion and difficulty doing every day activities.  I sought out  chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and massage therapy.  I saw very little improvement and continued to live in pain.   I was referred to Chris and impressed from the first minute.  He has an incredible energy seen through his passion for his practice and in how he conducts his life.  He is personable and communicative and looks to understand and work with the whole person, not just isolated ailments.  Chris always goes the extra mile to figure out why something is or isn’t working and to understand how I am feeling both during and after treatments.


Extremely important to me, Chris is an athlete.  He knows first hand what we put our bodies through and the consequences and benefits from such intense activity.  It was imperative that the person I went to for treatment understood that I was not going to stop my sport.  Not only did Chris understand this, he highly encouraged me to keep moving.  He worked on improving my body awareness and my form during movements  and he helped with programming in order to strengthen my weaknesses.   After suffering for so many months, I found immediate relief after working with Chris.  I began to notice that every day activities no longer caused pain and I began to see marked improvements in my strength, flexibility and overall performance during Crossfit.  I have and will continue to highly recommend Chris as a practitioner.”


Stacy Harrison
Warren, NJ





I don’t know if you remember me, but you worked on me at CF Morristown while I was visiting from CA (I’m Karianne’s sister). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you/testify for helping me with my hamstring. I had been battling that injury for over a year, while trying pretty much everything under the sun to fix it. As you stated in your “about you” section, my doctor’s solution to my injury was “don’t work out.” Kind of difficult advice to follow when you own a CF box! After one ART treatment with you, I was pain free in that hamstring for almost a month, all while training. Upon your advice, I sought out an ART therapist here at home, and he’s been working with me ever since.So thank you for starting me on the road to recovery! I hope people are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity they have in you.


Anneke Marvin
Driven Performance Training
Temecula, CA




What were your health problems before visiting us?
I have been suffering from knee pain since the last of my 3 knee operations about 10 years ago.  I have been very active all of my life.  I was an avid skier, until I blew out my knee in Utah and since my surgeries, I continue to train in Karate, Crossfit, Bike & Surf.  I have always had knee swelling and pain along with hamstring and calf tightness.   To be honest, I couldn’t touch my toes and my flexibility was minimal at best.


How long did you have this condition?
I have never been super flexible but since my 3 knee operations, the condition worsened.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I have used physical therapy, massage therapy, resistance weight training, chiropractic and even acupuncture.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
That this would really work and not live up to the usual hype.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
It has been truly amazing….Dr. Stepien has worked with me extensively on my specific areas and the results have been tremendous.  My flexibility has improved 100fold and I am now able to touch my toes, rather easily.    I can not thank Dr. Stepien enough and for the first time in 10 years I have been relatively pain free.  Thanks.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Yes and I have already recommended 2 friends and they have sought treatment and have nothing but good things to say as well.


Victor Donato
Certified Financial Planner
Morristown, NJ




“Oh, my gosh!  Where would I be without Dr. Chris???? I sustained injuries to my hip/leg and shoulder doing stupid things over a 3 month period and as a result was forced to stop exercising other than in Physical Therapy.  My insurance ran out for PT and I was still in a great deal of discomfort and very discouraged.  Chris changed all of that!  He is the most patient person I know!  He does not just perform “routine” chiropractic maneuvers, but carefully considers how to attack the problem.  After a month of seeing Chris, I feel like a new person.  I can walk without limping or pain.  My shoulder is totally functional again!  I had been told that Chris was great…..and now I am a believer!”


Becky Johnsen
Bernardsville, NJ

becky johnsen



What were your health problems before visiting us?
My right leg would hurt whenever I sustained some period of burst speed during Rugby practice.  The pain was felt at the joint where the inside of my leg met my groin.  I was not very mobile after burst training with my right leg.


How long did you have this condition?
I have had this issue for about 3-4 months. 


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I tried doing some stretches, which was not enough over time.  A Rheumatologist prescribed physical therapy for a pulled adductor muscle in my right leg.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
I did not think scar tissue would be that much of an issue revolving around my scenario.  I was never treated for scar tissue before and wondered if it would be enough to correct my problem. 


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
Health wise, I can finally walk fine after a good practice, especially during burst speed training.  In regards to performance, I can definitely feel much more mobile.  Also, I’ve noticed a great improvement in my flexibility.  I’ve felt a little faster too when I make cuts in my sprinting, which I contribute to my better flexibility.  My athletic life has changed from this improvement and I’ve realized just how important it is to upkeep the specific stretches and muscles for what I want out of my body.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Most definitely!  I already have suggested this to several people as of this writing.


Mike Maldony
Morris Mens Rugby
Morristown, NJ



“I enjoy weight lifting to keep myself fit.  I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain since injuring my shoulder weight lifting and playing high school football several decades ago.   For the past few years, I experienced re-occurring pain in my injured shoulder which had been diagnosed as tendonitis and tendonosis of the rotator cuff.   Doctor Chris examined me and found that I had a great deal of old scar tissue in my shoulder area that greatly decreased the flexibility of my shoulder when performing physical activities.  This decreased flexibility caused my neck to bear a disproportionate share of  weight lifting strain which caused chronic neck pain. Doctor Chris helped me by massaging out the old scar tissue, improving my posture, and providing me with rehabilitation stretching exercises.   The results he achieved in restoring the proper functionality of my shoulder are absolutely amazing.  I have returned to my full weight lifting activities after only three weeks of treatment!


For the first time in almost 30 years, I feel no tightness or pain in my neck and shoulder.   Doctor Chris was able to quickly diagnosis and effectively treat my injury.  Prior treatment from orthopedic surgeons took several months and only provided temporary relief.  The treatment provided by Doctor Chris eliminated the root cause of the problem which will prevent future injury in the affected area.”


Frank Campisano
Wayne, NJ



“So here I am with a herniated disc in my neck, significant pain and limited mobility, not knowing where to turn to ensure I not only expeditemy recovery, but do it in a way that provides my body the best chance at a 100% return to function.  I have always been reticent to visit a chiropractor.  Fear of the unknown I guess.  Anyway, Chris not only alleviated my fears, his technique and attention to the details of how ones body functions was just what was needed to heal and get back to the pain free way things should be.  Chris’s stretching technique’s and keen understanding of mobility helped shape a treatment program for my injury that I felt worked terrific for me and got me back swiftly and safely. In all I couldn’t have been happier that it was recommended I consult with Chris and that I was able to leverage his services.”


Jason Anagnostis
Basking Ridge, NJ




What were your health problems before visiting us?
After shoulder surgery (right shoulder) after a fall, surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand, and two episodes of trigger finger in my right fingers (with steroid injections), I pretty much had daily pain in my wrist and hand.  My fingers were stiffening up again as the steroid injection wore off and I had difficulty putting any pressure on my hand.  I realized I was losing strength in my hand and had stiffness and sharp pain constantly.  I am 53 – loss of hand use was terrifying.  I couldn’t even drive my car without having my hand and wrist ache from holding the steering wheel.  A long driving trip would make my hand and wrist ache for days. 


How long did you have this condition?
Shoulder fall occurred six years ago, I waited for a year popping advil, got a steroid injection, and finally surgery, then physical therapy.  The carpal tunnel syndrome began after the shoulder surgery … another year until I was pacing the floor all night from an arm ache that wouldn’t let me sleep.  The muscle in my thumb began to atrophy, and nerve damage was bad.  My hand was slowly but surely going numb.  I had surgery.  I had the trigger finger for over two years.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
As mentioned … surgery, steroid injections, physical therapy. 


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
I have always thought Chiropractic medicine was … not traditional (Sorry Chris).  I feared getting someone who would never, ever release me … that I would go a thousand sessions (insurance not picking up the cost) and I might not even be better.  Skeptical that being worked on would make the pain worse or do more damage.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
Wow … where to start?  I’m cured!  I think the day I really realized it was the day I went to do a pushup – my full weight on my hands and forgot that my right hand was any different than my left!  Wow –  I did it, leaned on that hand – NO PAIN!!  I cannot believe that after two years … I don’t have stiff fingers in the morning that would be curled up until I could “uncurl them.”  I can drive and not have to hold my hand and arm for hours afterwards because of the ache!  GONE!  I can pick things up, regained strength, and I am still in shock that only a few appointments with Chris would cure me – no long term, months later program.  Chris cured me … after just a few sessions!  I am now a true believer in chiropractic medicine … I am relieved – so relieved that I will not be crippled and lose use of my hand!  Chris – I count my blessings everyday that Becky recommended you – and though I was skeptical YOU have made me a whole person again.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  And I promise – if I find myself “gripping the steering wheel” too tightly … I will RELAX!! 


Will you recommend our care to others?
Absolutely, already have and will continue to tell people … go to Barefoot Rehab … they will help make those pains, not so painful.  I trust that Chris will help you feel better!  Thank you Chris – You’re the Best!


Martha Gilmore
Basking Ridge, NJ



“I will admit right upfront, I have NEVER believed in the practice of Chiropractic. I have always been skeptical, probably because ofmy ignorance, but the thought of someone “adjusting” my spine made me nervous and uncomfortable.


Chris and his practice of Active Release Techniques (ART) has completely shattered all of the misconceptions, myths and concerns I harbored.


I started to see Chris because my lower back was in pain and I was unsure why. Chris listened intently and immediately homed in on the root cause of my problem, my lack of hip flexibility and muscle tightness in hamstrings and calfs. Chris treated my problem with ART and I was amazed at how quickly my body responded. What I really appreciated was the constant communication which allowed Chris to focus on those areas that needed the most attention while also allowing for modifications as the treatment progressed.I have since seen Chris on various occasions, including pulled hamstring, upper neck problems as well as the follow up related to my initial lower back issues. Chris’ application of ART has allowed me to become more flexible which has resulted in my feeling better as an athlete.


I cannot speak highly enough of Chris, as a doctor and as a person. He listens and does not prejudge a condition. He treats and allows the patient to dictate the focus. He follows up, always emphasizing prevention and maintenance. I would and have recommended Chris to any and all that would listen!”


Bill Connors
Basking Ridge, NJ




What were your health problems before visiting us?
I have tightness in my shoulders, especially the left.  Also, I have a history of pulling my hamstrings and calves.


How long did you have this condition?
For over 15 years.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I had a cortisone shot in my shoulder, 6-8 years ago.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
Yes, I have many friends in orthopedics, and frankly, I was very skeptical of chiropractic methods.  I was very wrong.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
My shoulders and hamstrings are healthy.  Best of all, Chris showed me stretches, and exercises to maintain the flexibility he helped me achieve.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Absolutely.  I already have.


Eric Ladden
Morristown, NJ



What were your health problems before visiting us?
Mild intermittent asthma, particularly exacerbated by intense exercise, mild rosacea.  Otherwise, felt OK.  No particular complaints.  Had an old left ankle injury.  Came to see Dr. Chris after I joined crossfit and began doing alot of bodyweight exercises like pushups and pullups.  My left shoulder ached and pushups with full bodyweight became extremely painful to do.


How long did you have this condition?  2-3 months.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?  None.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
Absolutely. I am in the medical profession, and my only experience with chiropractics were patients coming to the ICU after CVAs (cerebrovascular accidents aka strokes) related to chiropractic manipulation of their necks resulting in vertebral artery dissection.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
Using scar tissue release technique, and absolutely no neck adjustments, Dr. Chris was able to help me regain full ROM of my L shoulder and relieved the discomfort I was feeling when doing pushups and overhead exercises. He properly diagnosed me with biceps tendonitis and performed a thorough physical exam. His conclusions were corroborated by a sports physician I went to that same day. I can now participate fully with CF activities. And the improvement was instantaneous. Within 2 visits i felt 90% back to normal.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Most certainly. Dr. Chris is very open-minded and appreciates candor. He is also very personable.


Alison Kole
Medical Doctor
Morristown, NJ



What were your health problems before visiting us?
Upper arm, shoulder pain. Just enough to be annoying and bothersome.


How long did you have this condition?
Hard to say, I think it started from softball probably 10 years ago. When it would hurt – it would last for months (maybe even years). Then it felt great for over a year so, I decided to come out of softball retirement. Bad idea, right back to where I was. So, for the last 5 years It’s been off/on.


What types of treatments did you receive prior to visiting us?
I’ve never been to a chiropractor, in fact, I’m skeptical about this. I almost went to the Dr. several years ago, but decided to give it a little more time.


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
Because I don’t know how the body actually works, I found it hard to believe twisting, turning, and applying pressure in a certain way could really make a difference. And, I always heard, once you start going – well, you pretty much are going for life.


How has your health, performance, or life changed since visiting us?
Being a crossfitter, this injury was holding me back (both physically and mentally). So, I now am feeling more confident doing specific movements. Also, I’ve noticed I have little to no pain after the workout – where before seeing Dr. Chris, I’d have an evening of being uncomfortable ahead of me.


Will you recommend our care to others?
I highly recommend Dr. Chris to anyone who’s thinking about it. I waited several months before deciding to go ahead and see what he had to say. I regret delaying the visit. I like how during the visit he keeps checking to see if/and how much progress there is. He listens to what you have to say. Then he explains where the problem areas are and how he’s going to go about fixing it.


Anyone dealing with any nagging issues should go have a consultation with him.


Sherri Harris
Basking Ridge, NJ



I lead a very active lifestyle. I suffered from an unknown bone spur in my ankle that limited my range of motion, which in turn atrophied a lot of the smaller muscles in my ankle and calf area. I had surgery to remove the spur two years ago, but the damage was done and it’s been a battle ever since. I got in touch with Chris through a mutual friend who encouraged me to go and I figured I might as well give it a shot after being to a physical therapist and self therapy. Well, meeting with Chris was a great experience from the get-go. His knowledge of human anatomy is great and he was able to target a few “problems areas” I’m going to call them. After a couple visits I noticed reduced pain, but more importantly greater range of motion. My main objective is to re-gain balance on my left and right side without being more dependent on one-side versus the other. With patience, perserverance, and Chris’s help this goal is being achieved. I was a little skeptical at first and didn’t really know what added benefit Chris could offer, but I was delightfully pleased. One of my favorite aspects of the visit is that Chris constantly re-evaluates and you really get to target the pain/problem areas. I’ve had decreased pain and increased range of motion, which to me is money well spent. Even if you’re a skeptic, it’s worth a visit to go and check it out.


Andy M.
Mechanical Engineer and Martial Artist