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Our Patients Get Fast Relief From Pain

Our Patients Get Fast Relief From Pain Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic




Pain Free Patients

Read their stories below …

Many healthcare practitioners measure their success and self-worth by the car they drive or the number of patients they see (helped or not).


Barefoot Rehab wants to do things right. That means getting results (and making you smile).


Our chosen metric for success, self-worth, and happiness is this page: how many people’s lives we’ve improved. Read on. We’re very proud of what you will see.




I started gymnastics 4 years ago when I was 28. Most gymnasts have long retired by that age due to the enormous amount of strain that it places on the body. It’s an incredible sport and I love the challenge. But every few months I’d get pain in my right shoulder and have to ramp down activity or even stop entirely.


A mutual friend introduced me to Chris and I began treatment immediately. He treated me with care and respect, while educating me in the process. Most importantly, the pain is gone and I can’t get it back. I’ve done every possible movement and motion to actually reproduce the pain… and I can’t. Case closed.


Go see Dr. Chris because it’s worth it.


David Hurwitz
Mental Fitness – Peak Performance – Hypnosis
Westfield, NJ

Patient David H



When I first came to see Dr. Chris, I had pain and stiffness in my shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm overhead. It was extremely frustrating.


After a of couple treatments with Dr. Chris, my range of motion improved. After a few more treatments I could finally lift my arm overhead and the nagging pain went away. These results continued even after I stopped receiving treatments.


I strongly recommend Dr. Chris for anyone experiencing nagging pain, stiffness, or limited range of motion.


Jeff G.
Pharmaceutical sales
Morristown, NJ


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From a lifetime of athletics from childhood sports, high school athletics to D1 Athlete to a Pro Circuit, I have had my share of treatment and rehab at all levels. Something I have learned is finding someone that really knows how to Fix people… not just from injuries but to help them with there every day challenges.


I have known Doctor Chris Stepien for a few years and I am not shy to say he gives the best treatment I have ever had. As a High Level Crossfit athlete you are bound to run into a few problems.. the first and most important is bad positioning. It has caused me to have a hard time improving my Olympic lifts for the past 2 years.


I have been seeing Chris for about a month on a regular basis and I am happy to say I have PR’s in all of my lifts. Snatching and Clean and Jerking based purely on being able to hit the right positions. I would highly recommend Dr. Chris to anyone from someone just trying to fix a nagging pain .. or as far as treatment for High level athletes. He Truly can fix anyone!!


Joe P.
Owner, CrossFit Sparta Station
Sparta, NJ

Shoulder pain



When I was in so much pain that I couldn’t lift my arm, I knew I needed to find a doctor. Being of a more natural mindset, I didn’t want just any doctor. I wanted one that understood how the body works, how diet and nutrition are related to pain and how to heal someone without going straight to an x-ray, MRI or surgery.


The name “Barefoot Rehabilitation” had me hopeful that I might find what I was looking for. Speaking with Leann the first time I called had my hope grow as she shared her experience dealing with bad shoulder pain and vouching for Dr. Chris’ ability to heal. Then came my first visit. I normally am nervous and apprehensive about doctors since many tell you there is nothing they can do without surgery. His warm, comforting and welcoming nature calmed me. His listening and asking questions as he identified some potential areas to treat showed his extensive knowledge of the body and how it moves.


Since then I have gone from not being able to hold open a door and pain every minute of the day to returning to full range of motion with my arm. I also went from weekly lower back pain to no daily pain at all. I am able to tolerate more and am more cognizant of my limits to avoid injury. I have Dr. Chris to thank for that and would recommend him to anyone I know! There is little to lose if you are already in pain and so much more to gain through natural treatment to get you to live a pain free life.


Heather K
Owner, Fast Signs
Fairfield, NJ

Shoulder and back pain



Hi Dr. Chris,
I was going to wait ‘til our next session on Thursday, but wanted to let you know that for the first time in, like, FOREVER, I woke up this morning, got up out of bed, and didn’t feel the usual pinching/pain in my lower back. This is VERY UNUSUAL. I normally wake up and hobble around a bit until the pain goes away.


I did feel discomfort/pinching in my lower back doing box jumps yesterday after my initial treatment, but that seemed to subside after a while.
As far as I’m concerned, this is progress. I’m looking forward to getting better and stronger.



Caroline D.
Senior Scientist, Merck Research Laboratories
Morristown, NJ

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In March of 2013 I developed a shooting pain in my shoulder which was severely hindering my ability to complete a lot of the movements that CrossFitters are accustomed to doing (pull-ups, overhead squats, presses, etc). I started seeing my chiropractor twice a week for three months, but quickly noticed that as soon as I would workout again the pain almost instantly returned. I decided that the same treatment over and over was not doing the trick and that I needed to look for another solution.


I had heard of BareFoot Rehab, but a timely Facebook posting of a mutual friend is what prompted me to e-mail Leann and setup an initial consultation. I knew nothing about Dr. Chris before stepping in to his office, but was instantly impressed at his genuine concern for my injury and about getting me back to where I was before my shoulder pain.


After seeing Dr. Chris for a few months the pain in my shoulder has all but disappeared. His ART (active release therapy) was a sharp contrast from what I was experiencing at my chiropractor and it has truly made all the difference.


I have recommended BareFoot Rehab to a number of folks already, and will continue to do so at our gym. If you are in pain, and have exhausted your rolodex of usual doctors, give Dr. Chris a try … you won’t be disappointed.


Brian V.
Crossfit Box Owner CrossFit 13 Stars and Rx Competitions
Morristown, NJ

Shoulder Pain



I have played sports all my life and have had my fair share of injuries. In March 2012 I injured my ankle playing football, at the ER they classified it is a deformation (dislocation, torn ligaments, fractured fibula) and I had to have surgery. I asked every doctor and physical therapist I saw if I would be able to run again and not one of them was optimistic.


When I saw Dr. Chris for the first time in July 2013 I told him I’m planning on trying to play football again in September which was 3 months away and I still had trouble even walking sometimes. Dr. Chris helped get rid of built up scar tissue which improved the range of motion in my ankle from day 1. The entire time I was seeing Dr. Chris he was confident I would be able to play in September. Within 2 weeks I was jogging with no pain and within 4 weeks I was running and making cuts with no issues. As it got closer to September my ankle was ready to go, and as I was practicing an old rotator cuff injury came back to haunt me, I couldn’t throw a football more than 20 yards without the most excruciating pain. I thought that was it I was done playing, but then I saw Dr. Chris again with only 2 weeks before my first game in over a year and a half. After the first day of treating my shoulder and arm I went to the field to test it and I was pain free, I couldn’t believe it!


I’ve known Dr. Chris since we were kids and he has always been the one to work the hardest at anything and everything he does and it shows. I am currently still playing football at a high level with no pain and I owe it all to Dr. Chris. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Chris for any type of pain you’re experiencing, without him I wouldn’t have been able to play sports again. Dr. Chris is the man, go see him!


Tom Cordasco
Fairfield, NJ

Ankle injury



Dr. Chris is the best!


I have a chronic neuro-muscular problem that have also affected my joints.


Before I met Dr. Chris, I subjected myself to surgeries, injection therapies, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, and yes, other chiropractors. Nothing relieved the pain effectively. Then I met Dr. Chris. He uses techniques that I never have seen used before and gets great results! He cares about his patients’ welfare. I have and will recommend Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic to anyone suffering from injuries and chronic pain.


Jack Bleiberg
Succasunna, NJ



I am 49 years old and have been an active athlete most of my life. I have had various injuries from playing sports including tennis (primarily ankles, ice hockey, and roller hockey (knee and sports hernia), poor living and diet causing huge weight gain and low back issues.


I’ve been treated by Dr. Chris for various issues as they arise over the past two years. Dr. Chris has at different times treated my back, shoulder, calf, and Achilles Tendons. Within 24 hours of treatment, I am able to resume full activity.


Dr. Chris doesn’t treat like any other healthcare provider I’ve ever met and I have tried a bunch. He spends a lot of time listening and offering concrete, life-changing recommendations. Under his direction, I have completely altered the way I exercise with Crossfit, my diet with a strict Paleo diet. I shed 40 lbs. quickly and easily. I started Crossfitting and am now in the best shape I’ve been in decades feeling top notch, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. My business has tripled and my family is happy all coming from taking care of my body and listening to it.


If you have pain or want to make a change in your life, go see Dr. Chris.


It’s a life changing experience.


Chris Lipper
Entrepreneur – TABNJ
Morristown, NJ

Chris Lipper



Last June I was introduced to Dr Chris Stepien, owner of Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic. I brought with me a lifetime of chronic pain, inflexibility, illness and fear of exercise.


I had been to many doctors and several chiropractors in the past. I was given the usual suggestions: take these pills, come back 3 times a week to get ‘adjusted’ , and do not do any real strenuous exercise given my history. So I dutifully went back and back for adjustments, (did not take any pills) and took careful walks. I was frustrated at my inability to do very much, yet I had no real guidance.


Then one magical day I met Dr Chris and he changed my life. Dr Chris is a different kind of chiropractor from anyone else you will meet. From the moment you walk into his office, his caring and kind attention shines through. He listens to you, and more importantly your body. His Active Release Technique is not like any treatment I have received in the past. It looks and feels different , but the main difference? It works! The pain I lived with constantly: my knee, my IT band, tendonitis in my wrist and shoulder… all gone. For the first time in years I feel free.


As the months of work with Dr Chris progressed, he gently encouraged me to do some more movements. The first time he suggested I do a squat, I said “what’s that?” I trusted him and I followed his direction, becoming more active on a daily basis. In the fall of this year Dr Chris suggested I try Crossfit. I laughed, literally. But he was not kidding and so I tried it. I attended a Crossfit lite class at Heroes Journey Crossfit. I was very nervous the first few weeks, not trusting my body to be strong enough for the workouts. I kept attending and gradually realized that I was getting stronger by the week. Dr Chris supervises the workouts that I do and I am amazed at the progress I have made. When I walked into Barefoot Rehab a yr ago, I could hardly walk without pain. Now I am able to run.


Thank you Dr Chris!


Mindy Nagle
Energy Healer
Parsippany, NJ




What were your health problems before visiting us?
Two bad shoulders, right one developed a snapping sensation approximately 14 months ago, very painful, it took about 3 months of visits to Dr. Chris. I feel it is almost completely healed in a short time with full strength returned, I am now doing handstands again.


How long did you have this condition?
14 months


What types of treatment did you receive prior to visiting us?
Acupunture, physical therapy


What makes us different?
Results! And you guys are fun!


What were you skeptical about before visiting us?
Nothing especially.


How has your health, performance or life changed since visiting us?
Tremendously, did I mention I am doing full handstands? Oh, well I am.


Will you recommend our care to others?
Yes, and have been for months!


Kevin O’Connor
Construction Manager
Mendham, NJ

kevin oconnor



Over the years, I have had low back pain and have seen several doctors looking for relief and answers. Through the recommendation of my son-in-law, I began seeing Dr. Chris…he has been able to diminish the intensity and duration of the pain through his treatment. He also gave me exercises and movements that I can do on my own to strengthen the area. I feel better and can continue doing what I enjoy doing. Recently he has also treated me for some upper back issues with equally good results.


Whenever he treats me, he is patient, encouraging, caring, and he always listens.  After every treatment, I feel the improvement, maybe not that day, but within a day or two. He explains what is going on with my body and the procedures he uses to help me. His knowledge is incredible, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he will be honest and then will attempt to find the answer. A big thank you to Dr. Chris!!!


Karen Kelly
Retired Teacher
Berkeley Heights, NJ

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Anne Marie Mattaliano
Registered Nurse
Randolph, NJ


Anne Marie Mattaliano
Registered Nurse
Randolph, NJ

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Kristy Link
Crossfit Box Owner Brazen Athletics
Fairfield, NJ



Hey Chris! I’m just leaving a class at 908 now and wanted to drop you a little thank you email. We did 95# push presses in the WOD today and my shoulders & wrists felt awesome! The other week we also did a WOD with 40 front squats and I was able to do them all unbroken with my elbows up higher than I’ve ever been able to get them….that would not have been possible before coming to see you. It felt so comfortable. I’m also making big improvements in my HSPU which I’m sure has something to do with how you fixed my shoulders. Anyways i hope you know how much I appreciate your work. You’ve got healing hands! Have a great holiday weekend and THANKS AGAIN!!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Bridget Beck
Awesome Crossfitter
Berkeley Heights, NJ

42.  CROSSFIT ATHLETE “BIG JAY” SCHROEDER – Top 20 in the NorthEast 2011, 2012


Jay Schroeder
Crossfit Box Owner Brazen Athletics
Fairfield, NJ

41.  CROSSFIT ATHLETE TIM CARROLL – Top 20 in the NorthEast 2011, 2012

Tim Carroll
Crossfit Box Owner
Berkeley Heights, NJ




I just wanted to say thank you.  You helped me out so much.  I made it to the finish line in 13:53:35.  I attached a finish line picture and a post picture.  I’ll talk to you soon.


Gregory Marchesi
Morris County, NJ
greg marchesi


I began seeing Dr. Stepien in April of 2012 upon the recommendation of my CrossFit Instructor at that time.  I was just about a year post shoulder surgery and it just wasn’t as strong as I would have liked.  I also have a number of other back and neck issues which were putting a real damper on my exercise goals.  The recommendation came from my CrossFit Instructor because I couldn’t do most of the CrossFit/Olympic lifts without hurting my shoulder or back because I couldn’t even assume the positions for the lifts.  Enter Dr Stepien…  The majority of my problems were coming from a lack of mobility and flexibility.


After my 1st visit with Dr Stepien I noticed a change for the better.  Over the next several months I saw Doc weekly and continued to notice marked improvement with each visit.  Since seeing Dr Stepien I’ve been able to exercise in ways I thought were lost.  After my shoulder surgery, the surgeon said I wouldn’t be able to lift anymore.  Well; two weeks ago I completed my 1st MudManX Challenge, last week I completed my 1st Squat Snatch in well over 15 years and I can now regularly back squat a little more than my body weight without crippling myself.  I find each day gets a little better.  I am hopeful that someday I’ll be able to attain a good front rack position to be able to do heavy cleans and presses again.  Thanks to Dr Stepien, I feel like I’m back in the game again.


Charlie Firtion
Union, NJ

charlie firtion


I came to Dr Chris with an Achilles and lower calf issue. Like many others, I was really excited about minimalistic running when I first learned about it. So I did what I normally do and cannon balled right into it. Instead of the crawl, walk, run train of thought I went more with a run, run, sprint methodology. Compound this with running the Army ten miler and the NYC marathon both for the first time, and my body was not happy with me. I began having constant pain in my lower calves that eventually spread down to my heels.


At that time I had just started CrossFit Morristown and I had seen doc Chris treating clients here and there. After asking some people I knew that had used his services I figured that I would give it a try. Doc Chris was very knowledgeable and since he himself is an athlete it was easy for him to relate and figure out how best to treat me.


After the very first treatment I noticed a difference. But it took a few visits for the pain to completely go away, and since then it has stayed away. I no longer have any Achilles issues or any of the pain that I was dealing with when I went to see him. Not only was he able to treat the issue but he recommended stretches and mobility exercises that have helped to keep me injury free. I love to CrossFit as much as possible, but I also enjoy an array of sports as well as swimming, biking and running. Remaining injury free is a must.


I highly recommend Dr Christopher Stepien. He is outstanding at what he does and is a man of great integrity and character.


Mike Bozzelli
Morris County, NJ



I have been suffering from lower back pain due to two degenerated disks for about ten years.  Being a very active person, I was always in fear that any wrong move can trigger the debilitating pain that would put me out of commission for weeks, in the least.  I have been to numerous chiropractors with the same results.  After a few treatments, the pain would lessen but I would still be physically out of commission for weeks.  I couldn’t work out and even sitting for prolonged periods of time would cause great discomfort.


I came to Chris after a wrong move during kickboxing activated the pain that I have been trying so hard to avoid.  I have previously heard of Active Release Techniques, but I’m a skeptic by nature.   I was honestly amazed at the immediate difference.  I walked in being barely able to bend over without pain and I walked out being able to touch the floor.  After only a few sessions, I was back to working out and leading a normal life.  Chris also took the time to show me the proper way to deadlift, which was an exercise that I stayed away from for many years in fears of injuring my back.


I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone with any sort of injuries that just won’t go away.  I can definitely say that I am now a believer and am very grateful to have found a doctor who is so attentive and is excellent at providing personalized care.


Thanks Chris!


Lana Shuster
Bloomfield, NJ



I started to have problems with my lower back in the summer of 2011. I spent several months going the traditional route (without relief) of back treatment including two MRIs and a cortisone shot before I saw Dr. Chris in late December of 2011.


I was at a point where my workouts were significantly limited and sitting for more than a few minutes was painful. I found immediate relief from Dr. Chris upon my first treatment and by my fifth treatment I was without pain.


Dr. Chris is attentive, understanding and “gets” the fact that we want to be and stay active. I enjoy doing Crossfit and running and he was able to keep me going when others couldn’t. I can’t say enough about him. My only regret is that I didn’t work with him sooner…probably like most people I was a bit skeptical but the next time I get injured he will be the first person I call.


Chatham, NJ
Steve MU


Hi Chris,


I keep meaning to tell you that the ankles are doing well. You fixed me (again!). Thanks so much!


Welcome home, Sharon
Sharon Feeney
Morris County, NJ



Running has been the #1 setback in reaching some of my goals.  Since 2008, I’ve suffered through a frustrating cycle as I ramped up my running volume–injury, time off, run run run, injury, time off, and soon.  My pain was located on the medial side of my right tibia.  I was never doing a large amount of volume before getting hurt (10-15 miles a week),but wanted to be able to do more.  Going to multiple sports medicine doctors over the course of these past years shook my confidence in their ability or even willingness to help, as my experience with them involved mostly x-rays and a cortisone shot, with little care given to determining the cause.


A visit to a serious running analysis clinic at the University of Virginia, ran by a chiropractor, helped shine some light on the problem, but didn’t quite nail it as I got hurt once again.  My housemate was a trainer at CFMorristown and spoke highly of Doc Chris, so eventually I made an appointment.  I am happy I did.


Working with Doc Chris I noticed right off the bat he listens very well, and keeps copious notes.  I also knew that his goal is simple: he just wants to help people get better.  He’s a CFer and he gets it.  Injuries stand in everyone’s way at some point or another as they push their limits, and he wants to get people back in the game.  Chris, through working on the problem area and area surrounding it, helped loosen everything up for me. I believe that his work helped me make new discoveries in what I was doing to cause the injury as I ran.  Some technique adjustments, coupled with some sessions with Doc Chris, and the injury hasn’t come back.  Last week I ran 21 miles total, and I have never felt this good.  I am very grateful!  I highly recommend that Dr. Chris and Active Release Therapy be sought as an option early in treatment, rather than after months or years of being injured and seeing multiple doctors.


Dan S
Rockaway, NJ




I’ve been Crossfitting for 15 months now and have always been someone that “listens to his body”. About a year ago, early on in my CrossFit journey, I realized that my right shoulder had lost much of its functional ability. Prior to starting CrossFit I had experienced weakness in my shoulder. This weakness manifested itself whenever I attempted any kind of bench press movement. It did’nt take much weight for my shoulder to “collapse” under the bar. Since this didnt impact my day-to-day life, for years, I let the issue go unchecked. But once I started CrossFit I realized that many of the movements that were required of me (ring dips, anything overhead)  resulted in shoulder pain & very limited range of motion, in fact, going overhead with a PVC pipe was a struggle.


I was referred to Chris and was impressed with his demeanor and enthusiasm to help.  As a fellow CrossFitter, Chris is able to understand the mechanics of the movements and the impacts on the body. He worked with me in improving my range of motion, and through A.R.T. (Active Release Technique) we were able to work through the shoulder issue. Almost a year later and I am still pain and symptom free.


Steve Musolino
Morris County, NJ




I am a 32 yr. old that has had chronic lower back pain for the past 5-7 yrs. I have had different chiropractors and back specialists treat me but with no success. In the past few months, I have been in extreme pain and thought that this pain would never go away. Chris was referred to me by my cousin and I am extremely grateful. My pain has lessened 90% in only 4 visits! I am now able to work and exercise without any problem. I will definitely recommend Chris to anyone with any type of back problems/issues.


Sean Carroll
Local 638 Steamfitter
Westfield, NJ



I had the good fortune of having scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stepien for some elbow tendonosis the day after I hurt my lower back doing dead lifts. The timing could not have been better, and while I could barely walk going in, I was walking far more comfortably going out. He had me back to light WODS in three days, back to normal in five. It was impressive.


As far as the elbow, I have struggled most of my life with inflammatory processes from overuse. Dr. Stepien was able to quickly identify and clearly explain the problem. He utilized his ART training to treat the elbow, and I felt immediate improvement. After only three sessions, I no longer experienced the pain. It still occasionally creeps back up, but a single session With Dr. Stepien seems to be all it takes to keep things under control.


Dr. Stepien’s familiarity with and proximity to CrossFit Morristown is invaluable. He understands CrossFit injuries, as well as the urgency Crossfitters feel to return to their workouts. He is able to modify movements so that we can continue to participate while rehabbing. He can utilize the box to test and retest pain levels to be certain the treatment is working the way he hopes. He is also a gentle, kind young man who embodies all the finest values of CrossFit. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone.


Sharon Feeney
Morris County, NJ



I have been a member of CrossFit Morristown for a year now and it’s seriously a life changer. Growing up I played sports but never really pushed myself until recently. Now at the age of 32 I am more active and healthy than I was at the age of 17. Since I have never put high intensity into developing myself as an all around athlete, though, I’ve noticed new weaknesses that have come to the surface. Mainly my shoulder. One of the main movements in CF is the snatch and I found very early on that when I would be at full extension with the bar overhead my left shoulder would have a pinching sensation. I thought that this would eventually go away but it just resonated with any type of overhead movement. This obviously had an effect in every WOD where I would have to implement this.


Luckily for me, Dr. Chris was starting to document some cases where he was going to work his magic and help fix people with any issues they had. I jumped right on this and for a couple Thursdays I met with him so he could work on my shoulder. He’s extremely patient and focused on his work. He knew where every spot was on my shoulder that needed adjustments just by paying attention to my mobility or finding pressure points that told him what area was out of whack. Yes, that’s a technical term.


After a few sessions, my should was already WAY better than it had been before. My mobility has improved and I have no irritations anymore. I would recommend Chris to anyone who needs physical therapy.


Mike Doyle
Morristown, NJ
Graphic/Web Designer

mike doyle



I have suffered with lower back pain for over 40 years and have been to many chiropractors in my lifetime. Dr. Chris Stepien of Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic is actually the Best Chiropractor I have ever been to. His specialty in Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) is amazing. This technique is the only thing that helps my back along with exercises Dr. Chris recommends. In addition, I also suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and actually had surgery on one of my hands. The symptoms returned a few years later. Dr. Chris uses A.R.T. technique, which has greatly improved my hands. My hands no longer go numb at night. I now can sleep all night long with no medication, no back pain or numbness in my hands. Dr. Chris is a “Hands On Chiropractor” and he is “One of a Kind”. I would highly recommend him to all.


Linda Clark
Morris Township, NJ



Over 35 yrs ago I was involved in a terrible car accident. I was a passenger, 17 yrs old. My sister was driving. A drunk driver hit us. I had many injuries. The worse involved my pelvic area. My one leg had come out of the hip socket, thereby causing nerve damage. Fourteen months later, I had bi-lateral hip replacements. Through the years, due to bone loss and nerve damage, my hips continued to be replaced until I had 11 hip surgeries. Most of the time I could walk with a cane and now crutches. Of course, each surgery my muscle gets weaker from getting cut many times. After each surgery I had physical therapy. It would help somewhat but I suffered with much pain and having difficulty walking there were times when I would fall. Just over two years ago I took the worse fall ever. My one leg ended up behind me. For 7 weeks I could not move without excruciating pain. Afterwards I went to P.T. It made no difference. I ended up going to a chiropractor who specialized in ART. This is a technique where the Dr. will break up scar tissue that will form around muscle fibers. This prevents the muscle from working properly. After having this treatment my pain decreased. I have always worked out in a gym to help strengthen my muscles. After ART I have been able to move my legs easier than I have for 6 years. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain I would highly recommend this treatment. My quality of life has improved so much from a couple of years ago.


My Chiropractor that did this technique, unfortunately, passed away recently. He wanted to make sure someone he knew well and trusted could continue to care for his patients. My new Dr. is Dr. Christopher Stepien. He specializes in ART. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Chris take over and do this technique as well as Dr. John Herrsche. I highly recommend Dr. Chris from Barefoot Rehab Clinic.


Ann Kehoe



I had been battling what I thought was typical heel pain/plantar fasciitis (PF) for over a year when I found Dr. Chris. I had tried several rounds of cortisone shots, inserts, orthodics, too many “special shoes” to count and even Shockwave Therapy to no avail. Being a classroom teacher, wife and mother of 3, I am on my feet all day, but I was devastated when the pain in my heel forced me to given up the fitness classes I teach in the evening, both my hobby and sanity!! On the advice of a fitness colleague, I began looking for someone trained in Active Release Technique (ART). I found Dr. Chris.


I have learned so much from Dr. Chris. Not only did he use ART on my foot (and calves and ankles) but he explained the intricacies of scar tissue and how it impacts connective tissue and results in pain. I learned about load and capacity. I learned that it wasn’t ONE thing causing my pain, but that all the years I spent as a competitive gymnast growing up, combined with being a runner most of my adult life, added to the mom thing, added to the teacher thing, added to the fitness thing and I was way past max- capacity. I learned about inflammation and the importance of eating clean and of a Paleo diet. Dr. Chris answered all of my questions (which were many!!) during sessions and via email. He was always willing to listen and was always accessible, even in Hawaii!! His patience, genuine kindness and caring are unmatched by any doctor I have seen.


As my foot healed, I was slowly able to add back the fitness classes I so desperately missed. It was clear early on in treatment that I had more going on than PF. My pain was on the side of my heel, not under it. But I was determined to “fix my foot, NOW!” and knew I had years of accumulated scar tissue to deal with so I grit my teeth and hung in there when sessions got painful. Dr. Chris always reminded me of where I was before and where I am now. We were increasing my capacity so that I would be able to take on more load. Slow and steady. Fast forward 9 months and I am back at the gym teaching my fitness classes, and juggling life as a working mom. And I can even wear cute shoes again. I recommend Dr. Chris to everyone I know. Thank you is not enough.


Lauren Niebuhr
Frenchtown, NJ



As a late joiner to the New England 2010 – 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race, I was behind on the training schedule and decided to try to catch up to the others on my team by running a bit more than I should have a bit too soon. A few weeks into training and just over a month from the race, I developed a pain in my right knee that I had never experienced before a minute or two into my runs. Not wanting to let the team down, I reached out to Dr. Chris for his advice as I was starting to doubt whether or not I would actually be able to complete my part in the relay. Dr. Chris unselfishly spent a great deal of time with me working not just on my knee, but on issues above and below that he felt were contributors to the problem.


Together, we used my pain threshold levels when running after treatments to tract my progress and combined these treatments with active therapeutic exercises to strengthen my feet, legs, thighs, gluts and core. After just four treatments with Dr. Chris – my knee pain became a memory – and so did a successful Ragnar Relay Race thanks to his work. This year, I am training for my first marathon, New York City, and I am proud to say I have not had any issues with my knee since and so it is without any reservations that I would recommend Dr. Chris to others. Thank you Dr. Chris!


Julie Scarano
Montclair, NJ


Read their stories below.

Read their stories below.