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does sacroiliac joint pain exist

10 Jul Does sacroiliac joint pain even exist?

Does sacroiliac joint (aka SI Joint) pain even exist? Or is it another body part that nags, bothers, and pains you? Let's find out. What is "sacrioiliac joint pain"? First, stop googling injuries and self-diagnosing. The patients who come in our office with a self-diagnosis are almost always wrong. So, I'll...

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14 Dec Know Your Numbers: Standards for Musculoskeletal Health, The Low Back, And The Touch Your Toes Test

Can chronic pain be prevented if at as early an age as possible, people were aware of the inherent risk in all of their musculoskeletal parts? Can chronic pain be fixed with understanding of musculoskeletal health standards (like the ability to touch your toes), the lifestyle choices,...

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