01 Feb The Truth About Achilles Tendinitis (And Achilles Pain)

Does your Achilles tendon hurt?  You probably don't have achilles tendinitis. If I were a gambling man, I'd bet you have achilles tendinosis. **Note: 97% of achilles tendon tears had a non-symptomatic achilles tendinosis present.  If you want to minimize the risk of this severe rupture, read on. Why It’s...

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19 Jan The Truth About Plantar Fasciitis (and Arch Pain)

Does the bottom of your foot hurt or even burn? Then you may have plantar fasciosis.  (Notice I didn't say plantar fasciitis.) Like Janice did. Why It’s Not "Plantar Fasciitis" The “-itis” ending for tendonitis or fasciitis implies “inflammation.” Plantar fasciitis is usually diagnosed under two conditions: Location – plantar foot (usually...

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