28 Dec Dads Fail at Riding Hoverboards: A Look at The Baby Boomers’ State of Fitness?

ERs across the nation are filled with our poor, uncoordinated fathers.  ~Buzzfeed writer Rachel Zarrell The 2015 holiday season is going down as the year that Hoverboards crushed Dads, according to Buzzfeed and the rest of the social media stratosphere.  #hoverboardfails Moms are laughing at their all-too-incompetent husbands...

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14 Dec Know Your Numbers: Standards for Musculoskeletal Health, The Low Back, And The Touch Your Toes Test

Can chronic pain be prevented if at as early an age as possible, people were aware of the inherent risk in all of their musculoskeletal parts? Can chronic pain be fixed with understanding of musculoskeletal health standards (like the ability to touch your toes), the lifestyle choices,...

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12 Oct The Soft Tissue Workout: Part 1

Author's Note: In Part 1 below, we discuss a paradigm for fitness that involves building a foundation of health and layering lesser ROI (return-on-investment) fitness attributes on top.  In Part 2, we discuss the actual movements and how adhesion gets removed.   -- According to the National...

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