Do you like your chiro? Christine did too. [Shoulder/Neck Testimonial]

Do you like your chiro? Christine did too. [Shoulder/Neck Testimonial] Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

17 Sep Do you like your chiro? Christine did too. [Shoulder/Neck Testimonial]

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Do you like your chiro? (“Chiro” is a word people use to call their “chiropractor”)

Christine C, business coach and CEO of Mindful Business Matters, did.

We have no problem with your chiro.

If that style of care is working for you, all the power to you.

But, we’ve seen patient after patient who thought that the best they could expect was temporary relief from treatment.

The reason why Barefoot Rehab is exists is to find those of you who …

… have the smallest glint of hope that you can have more pain relief than you’ve been experiencing.

If you have that glint, keep reading.

Christine’s Experience with Barefoot Rehab

I’m going to let Christine tell you about the art of our pain-relieving care.

She is in the majority of people who have annoying, frustrating pains, who didn’t realize that she could experience longer lasting relief.

Enter Christine:


Back in December 2016, I took a hard fall on a marble floor. I had traditional chiro care for two months afterwards and felt like my old self again. But something happened. My body started feeling physically really heavy and I had constant, excruciating pain radiating in my shoulder and across my neck and back. I started getting headaches. I intuitively knew that traditional chiro care wasn’t the solution for me this time. I could tell there was something out of balance in the muscles of my body.

I saw a friend commenting on FB about how well she feels after a session with Dr. Chris and my intuition pinged me to try his practice. I initially wasn’t aware he no longer did traditional chiro care, so I was really skeptical during my intake session. I don’t believe in “either this or that” and I had such success with chiro over 13 years, that I couldn’t imagine any single thing being able to relieve my pain.

After my first visit, I experienced a 50% improvement in my shoulder pain and range of motion. After the second, 75% and the headaches went away. At that point, Dr. Chris suggested an MRI on my shoulder because I was presenting as possible shoulder tear/injury. The MRI came back negative, but I was glad to know for sure. I continued for about two months with 2x/week treatments and I am now 95% pain-free. The remaining 5% is due to shoulder arthritis that was revealed in the MRI.

If you’re a skeptic, too, then Barefoot Rehab is the place for you, LOL! Dr. Chris is used to hearing this and doesn’t take it personally. He lets the treatment speak for itself – and it does! If you’ve seen lots of doctors and still have chronic pain, I highly recommend that you try this treatment. Even if your insurance won’t cover it, it is WELL WORTH the investment to experience such pain relief!

I’m happy that traditional chiro care worked for Christine.

I’m even happier that she found relief with us after one, two, and three treatments. (Not everyone responds this fast.)

I’m the most happy that she included the part about her MRI and evidence of arthritis. It proves to me that she understands what healthcare is supposed to be.

When you have pain:

  • fix what can be fixed.
  • respect what cannot be fixed.

Doesn’t everyone deserve that truth?

Why You Deserve Better Than Chiro

If chiro, physical therapy, orthopedic doctors, and medical doctors had solutions that were working in a BIG way, you wouldn’t be able to name people off the top of your head who were dissatisfied (or maybe even angry) with doctors with those labels.

Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing doctors in those professions.

And don’t get me wrong again, I can think of several patients we’ve had who were really unhappy with the way we did things and who break my heart after how I failed them.pain-doctor-fail

But what people talk about privately to one another at the water-cooler or at dinner together counts for something.

They don’t know who to trust when it comes to healthcare.

When people are curious and not sure whether we, at Barefoot Rehab, can be trusted yet and ask us what we do, we respond:

We fix annoying, frustrating pains.

Next, they say “How do you do that?”

We diagnose all of your relevant parts.

We fix what can be fixed by removing the most common cause of musculoskeletal pain that no one is talking about and is very easily removed.

We tell you about the parts that can’t be fixed so you respect them going forward.

“But wait, don’t all doctors do those things? Don’t all doctors diagnose?”

One would think all doctors diagnosed.

Chiropractors diagnose “subluxation” and adjust joints.

Physical therapists diagnose “inflammation” and “weakness”, using machines to help the inflammation and strengthening for the weakness.

Orthopedic doctors diagnose “joint issues” and refer to physical therapists, do cortisone shots, or perform surgery.

You tell me who diagnoses all of those things and respects every part?

“I see.”

You deserve better than this type of care – this “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” style that leaves people hurting more and more.

Now, even though I specialize in adhesion, last week, I referred:

  • two patients for surgery. (I even wrote the orthopedic doctors a letter, giving them permission to skip the conventional step of “Go do physical therapy for 8 weeks” first and said, “Please operate on this person.”)
  • one patient to the acupuncturist.
  • two patients to energy healers.

Those referrals came because the patient’s puzzle pieces that were the biggest could be addressed by those practitioners’ presented solutions.

If the puzzle to your pain has four pieces, you deserve to know exactly what those four pieces look like and how to put them together so your puzzle makes sense – and your pain goes away (as much as physically possible.)

Don’t Bother Trying to Fix Your Pain Without A Diagnosis

For you to have a similar experience as Christine, you have to find a musculoskeletal provider who diagnoses you completely.

Then, you have to find someone who is an expert at finding and fixing adhesion.

Don’t bother seeing any doctor or therapist who doesn’t diagnose.

Don’t bother getting that massage.

Don’t bother getting adjusted.

Don’t bother even exercising.

All of it may be coming at a cost.  Whether that’s a financial pain to your wallet or the risk of ever-worsening joint damage due to the stress you’re putting on your body (and the stress you’re ignoring by leaving adhesion in your body).

I hope Christine’s story of liking “traditional chiro” care gives you hope for better relief with your pain.

Curious yet how adhesion may be contributing to your pain?

Anyone living in North Jersey can schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation with us to discuss your injury or pain and see if we can help you more than everyone has (or hasn’t) helped you.

Do you have a diagnosis for your injury?  Did the doctor’s solutions for the parts of your diagnosis make sense?  Please share comments below.

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