We are Hiring a Content Creation and Social Media Manager!

We are Hiring a Content Creation and Social Media Manager! Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

29 Jul We are Hiring a Content Creation and Social Media Manager!

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**Hey there, you probably have friends who would love this opportunity. Please feel free to share with anyone you know who sounds perfect for this job!!**

Do you love HUGS, social media, technology, and being creative?

Do your friends and family consider you as someone who always wants to help other people? Who will do whatever it takes to make someone SMILE?

We’re looking for a jolly ‘ol content creation and social media savant for our rapidly growing pain clinic in Morris County, NJ.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • creating images through photoshop or canva,
  • creating videos through Imovie some other software,
  • project managing our editorial calendar for when to post
  • posting on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin
  • writing copy for content
  • helping to record videos with an I-phone for content in the office
  • responding to comments and DMs for people who engage with us and learning how to have effective conversations so we can help people suffering in pain.

In short, you’ll be the Virtual Liasison between our clinic and the world.

You don’t need to know everything about how to do the above (although if you do, your pay will be higher to start), however, you should be comfortable with technology and social media.

We’ll train you on our revolutionary core content about how WE are fixing chronic pains. You’ll be expected to drive your own learning and learn quickly. We’ll want to see a solid track record of proactive learning in your past. We are extremely flexible with mistakes, although we don’t expect you to make the same mistake more than once.

Once you’re fully up to speed (2-3 months), you’ll be responsible for developing your own content creation strategy with customer interviews (reaching out to speak with our actual patients and people who have pain, but haven’t been into the office yet). That’s a significant effort, so be sure you’re ready to commit this kind of workload.

Starting pay will range from $15-$25/hour with bonuses for results.  Possible salary 6-12 months down the road.

If you’re the right person, this could be a life-changing role for you.


We’re looking for someone who LOVES helping people and notices patterns in other people. If you see a post from your friend who says, “It’s rainy outside” and you intuitively know that she is dealing with depression, then you are someone who sees patterns!

You genuinely care. It’s not just felt, but expressed. Our patients’ success is yours and every patient you help us see through social media is a life that YOU have transformed. You’ll bust a gut to help people suffer less.

You’re proactive. You don’t wait. You take initiative. You ask. You act. You look for ways to do more than expected.

You’re a team player. We’re not looking for rockstar performers, so much as rock solid partners.

You’ll be expected to work closely with our doctors, staff, and patients. You’ll notice when your teammates could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.

You show integrity. You make a promise and you keep it. When you say you’ll do something, it gets done. You meet expectations. You believe in being true to yourself and your word. Every action you take is 100% legal, ethical, and would make you proud if you saw it on the 6 o’clock news.

You’re confident. Patients are looking for help and leadership. You’re a great communicator and a confident human being.

You’ve got energy to burn. You lead with your energy. You meet people where they’re at, and create a space for them to feel heard and seen as human beings.

You make it better. Most of all, you’ll be committed to delivering a world-class social media experience for our clinic. You’ll be comfortable driving change. Not just for our patients, but help us constantly improve the way we deliver our very important message to our clients. (We’ll expect you to raise issues or challenges as you see them, and actively participate in creating solutions.)

You take ownership. You take ownership, accountability, and responsibility. (There is no blame, excuses, or denial around here.)

You show up like a pro. You represent me, and you represent our clinic to the world. You look and sound great on Facebook, on Zoom, and in person (even when you’re wearing shorts and barefoot.)

You have a strong desire in self-development and want a career. You want a long-term position and want to grow your skillset and income as the clinic grows.


Introduce yourself to us. Shoot a short video telling us why you want this job. We want to see how quickly you can learn, so add some type of design (maybe a header to your video) and captions to your video like THIS ONE. Feel free to use services like Wrappr or Fiverr to help you.

Address ALL of the bullet points below:

  • Why you want to work as our Virtual Liaison to help people suffering in chronic pain
  • A time you learned something fast because you were passionate about it.
  • A time you helped someone that made you feel good.

(It’s not a feature-length movie, 3 minutes will do!)

We value your ability to speak on a 4th grade level and connect with people. **We’ll pay you $35 just for applying and strictly following the directions above. We’re committed to finding THE BEST person for this position.** Video production values aren’t as important, but take some time with your application. There’s no prize for first, we’re looking for how you show up.

Send an email to delight@barefootrehab.com with a link to your video. Applications that don’t follow these directions will not be accepted. You’ll be expected to live in the Morris County, NJ, area.

We’re accepting applications up to August 17, 2019.

We’ll let you know we’ve received your application. After that, you probably shouldn’t expect to hear from us until the application deadline has passed. We want to give everyone who’s interested in a fair chance to apply and be evaluated.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Clinic Director

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Dr. Chris Stepien, DC, Full-Body ID Certified, ART Certified, CSCS, and CrossFit Level 1 Certified, fixes your annoying and frustrating pains, even when it's been over 6 months and you've seen 3-5 other doctors or therapists without lasting relief Barefoot Rehab in Denville, NJ. And when you're sad, depressed, or not enjoying life, Dr. Chris wants to hug you. He invites you to reach out, no matter what your concern is. Barefoot Rehab is here to serve you.
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  • Kate Harvie
    Posted at 00:21h, 06 August Reply

    If only I lived in Morris County. This is a spectacular job that reports to a dream team. Kudos to the person who will be hired. Shouts to Dr. Chris and the Barefoot team.

    • Dr. Chris
      Posted at 00:40h, 06 August Reply

      Oh man – it would’ve been awesome to have you Kate! I Miss you!

  • Jennifer Nicole
    Posted at 01:53h, 08 August Reply

    I’ll be submitting my video interview very soon! I’m super motivated and excited to apply for this position. You can rely on me to be your go to gal. Creative, supportive, caring and a real go getter. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

    • Dr. Chris
      Posted at 11:00h, 08 August Reply

      Can’t wait Jennifer!

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