Have you sprained your ankles more than 3 times? The Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test

Have you sprained your ankles more than 3 times? The Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

19 Oct Have you sprained your ankles more than 3 times? The Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test

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Sitting like you’re about to meditate for hours on the top of a mountain isn’t necessary for optimal health.

But, sitting like a monk for 10 seconds can allow you to know how the health of your tissues are doing:

  • knees
  • front of your shins and ankles.

Especially if you’ve sprained your ankles more than three times.

Doctor’s Note: The other test that is REALLY important when you’ve sprained your ankles many times is the Knee-to-Wall Test. If you don’t have 6″ of range of motion, that should be fixed before addressing the Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test.

Sit like a monk in the Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test and you can find out how much damage you’ve done to your ankles/shins and when you’ve they’re healthy again.

Mobility: Kneeling Butt-To-Heels Test

The Face-Up Heel-to-ButtTest measures your knee health alone.

The Face-Down Heel-to-Butt Test measures your knee health and your quadricep muscle health.

The Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test (shown in this post) measures your knee health combined with the front of your shin and ankle.

You shouldn’t do this test if the Face-Up Butt-to-Heels Test is a fail.  You won’t be able to accurately measure the health of your shin and ankle because your knee joint is a problem.  If you want to use this test, get your knee fixed first.

How to Do the Kneeling Butt-To-Heels Test

Find any surface to kneel on besides a bed (it’s too soft).

Kneel on your heels.

How do you know if you PASS the kneeling butt-to-heels test?

First, your butt is on your heels.


There’s no space between your thigh (hamstring) and leg (calf).


There’s no space between the front of your ankle and the table.


From the back, you’ll see both butt cheeks on the heels.


When You Fail the Kneeling Butt-to-Heels Test

You fail the kneeling heel to butt test when there’s a space between your butt and your heel.

This is most likely due to a knee restriction. Do the Face-Up Heel-to-Butt Test to confirm.


From the back, it’ll look like this.


One more way you can fail this test is if there’s space between the front of your ankle and the table. A helper friend should not be able to put there fingers in between them.

I Know My Numbers – What do I do now?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein

There are a plethora of mobility and stretching resources out in the interweb for you to experiment with. It is not our intention to give prescriptive answers, simply to bring awareness to where your body currently is in time.

Here is an example of a video where the stretch looks just like the test.

If you do this for 30 seconds and you feel more flexible and you have more range of motion, great! Keep doing it!

But, if your stretch (or pain) increases and your flexibility/range are no better, stop doing it. You could be causing more damage. STOP THE INSANITY AND THE STRETCHING!  It’s now time to see a Manual Adhesion Provider to diagnose your condition and potentially remove the adhesion in your muscles to restore your mobility before you go on adding strength on top of unhealthy tissue.


Curious about your other muscles and joints? Get your baseline measurements for hip flexion, hip extensionankles and your low back.

speechbubblesWhat are you numbers? Please share range, effort, and symptoms below and we can discuss what you should be doing to restore musculoskeletal integrity.

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