The #1 Cause of A Neck Strain

The #1 Cause of A Neck Strain Barefoot Rehabilitation Clinic

04 Dec The #1 Cause of A Neck Strain

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Watch the 2 minute treatment video below to see how Barefoot Rehab effectively fixes pain from a neck strain and permanently improves your flexibility at the same time.

Google “neck strain” like I just did and you’ll see the same B.S.

A neck strain is when one or more neck muscles are injured in the neck.

Neck strains can range from being mildly annoying to severe and may limit head movements for basic tasks, such as getting dressed or going to work.

The neck contains many vital anatomic structures, the most critical being the airway (trachea, breathing tube), the spinal cord, and the blood vessels that supply the brain.


Is it just me or is this stuff common sense?

Seriously, I copy-and-pasted those sentences from the top 3 “neck strain” Google hits.

Here comes an angry rant.

What does all of that information do for you? How does it help you recover faster? How does it prevent your neck strain from happening again?

Sure, if you didn’t know that OTC medication, ice, heat, massage, chiropractic adjustments could give you temporary relief, great! I’m glad you found those posts.

What about getting the neck strain permanently fixed so it doesn’t happen again?

That’s what I’ll offer you here. An opportunity to go past the temporary relief of interventions that beat around the bush of what’s actually going on and make your neck healthy for the rest of your life.

It’s More Than A Muscle Strain

Unless you are a teenager who has good posture or … You’ve never had a neck issue in your life …

And you had full range of motion in the 5 Neck Tests that Ensure a Pain-Free Neck

And got into a car accident or was hit in the head hard with a football, it’s not just a muscle strain.

It’s more than that.

People who get neck strains say the following things:

I must’ve moved funny in my sleep.

I turned my head too quick and gave myself whiplash.

I carry my stress in my neck.

And if you’ve said any of those things, then congratulations! You’ve gotten hurt with hardly any stress on your neck. It’s the metaphorical straw that broke the camel’s back.

The hay’s been piling up on that camel way before that last straw broke him.

That hay is made of two things.

Wear and tear to your bones and discs (aka degeneration) and muscles (aka adhesion).

Wear and Tear to Your Spine: Not Fixable

Just like any machine, the human body accumulates wear and tear.

When you drive your car many miles, the gears get permanently damaged. Your mechanic can fix or replace parts in the car’s early ages. Eventually, you damage the gears so much that the little fixes keeping the vehicle going aren’t working anymore and you need to get a whole new car.

With any machine, the wear and tear happens at specific locations.

I found this picture on a forum for Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.


The human body wears and tears in specific locations too.

The discs degenerate.

Whenever a patient comes into our office and we prescribe an MRI, we always look at the images ourselves to make sense of the overall pain picture.

Below is an actual image of one of our patients who we’ve been successfully managing for years stay out of pain 90% of the time.  The right side of the image (green) shows a healthy disc (black) with enough nerve space (gray). The left side of the image (red) shows an unhealthy disc (black) taking up the nerve’s (gray) space.


The bones degenerate too.

Below is the same patient, who also has excessive bone growth in the facet joints. On the right (green), notice the black has smooth, round edges interfacing with the gray space of the nerve root. On the left (red), the black is sharper and is approaching the nerve’s (gray space).


These issues are not fixable.

Their rate of progress can only be slowed down in two ways:

  1. Putting as little stress on them as possible.
  2. Getting rid of all relevant adhesion based on The 5 Neck Tests.

Adhesion: Completely Fixable

Adhesion is the most common cause of pain that no one is talking about and is completely fixable.

Adhesion is the #1 cause of a neck strain.

It’s also the precursor to degeneration.

  • Removing adhesion prevents degeneration.
  • Leaving adhesion in the body speedens degeneration.

If you didn’t watch the treatment video above where we remove Katie’s adhesion, leaving her more flexible not only after the treatment, but 24 hours later, here it is again.

The magical, wonderful thing about having adhesion and lot of it is that it is completely fixable. Getting rid of it can make your neck significantly more flexible and pain-free.

Doing so is only a matter of finding an expert who can find and fix it for you.

Wherever you live in the world, you can get your neck strain permanently fixed and find an Integrative Diagnosis Provider to do so on the Online Directory.

I live in New Jersey and go to Chicago or Boston for my own treatment.

If you live in New Jersey, come see us at Barefoot Rehab to get fixed today.


If your neck strain treatment doesn’t make PERMANENT gains in your flexibility, are you actually getting “effective” treatment? Share below.


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